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01 April 2015

Top Five Articles from March: Roubini, Retirement Risks, and Multi-Asset Strategies

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1. Nouriel Roubini: Unconventional Truth Six Years after the Crisis
Usman Hayat, CFA, interviewed Nouriel Roubini last month at the Middle East Investment Conference. Roubini shared his thoughts on why the unconventional monetary policies implemented since the Great Recession have not delivered on the hopes of their proponents — or the fears of their detractors.

2. Three Key Decisions in Formulating an Asset Allocation Strategy
What are the most important things to get right in formulating your asset allocation strategy? Larry Cao, CFA, provides insights from some of the best and brightest practitioners in the field.

3. Some Surprising (and Not-So-Surprising) Notes on Risks and Happiness in Retirement
Michael Finke, professor and director of retirement planning and living in the personal financial planning department at Texas Tech University, discusses idiosyncratic longevity trends and risks; planning for cognitive and physical changes in old age as a fiduciary adviser; and avoiding risks and planning for a more satisfying life in retirement.

4. Multi-Asset Strategies: A Primer
Multi-asset strategies are the decathlons of the investment industry. They require practically all the investment skills one can think of, from securities selection at the individual asset class level to asset allocation at the overall level. And it’s rare to find all these skills in one place.

5. An Advance in Portfolio Construction
What’s the secret sauce for making a multi-asset strategy successful? This past December, in Singapore, Larry Cao, CFA, asked the speakers on a panel at the Southeast Asia Institutional Investment Forum that question and their answers shared one common element.

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