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03 August 2015

Top Five Articles from July: India, Neuroeconomics Tips, and Dark Matter

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1. Will India Surpass China over the Next Decade?

“Of the large Asian economies, India probably will be the fastest growing over the next decade,” says Punita Kumar-Sinha, CFA. In a wide-ranging discussion with CFA Institute Magazine, Kumar-Sinha explains why she expects India to accelerate ahead of China over the next 10 years, the progress of economic and financial reforms initiated by the new Indian government, her insights on investing in India, and the challenges facing women in the investment industry.

2. Some Neuroeconomics Tips for Improving Investment Decision Making

What does the developing field of neuroeconomics have to offer investment professionals? Hadley Chu discusess insights from a recent Take 15 interview with Scott Huettel, a Duke University professor of neuroeconomics, conducted by the Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Zweig.

3. Are Financial Advisers Supposed to Get Paid?

While financial advisers worry about competing with low-cost robo-advisers, some argue even those fees are too high. That begs the question: are advisers supposed to get paid? Will Ortel explores the issue.

4. Risk Is the Dark Matter of Portfolio Management

Is there some dark mysterious force holding the financial universe together? Or will it all come flying apart? Ron Rimkus, CFA, looks to the field of astronomy for insight on systemic risk.

5. How Financial Advisers Can Help Close the Behavior Gap

It is critical for financial advisers to help close the behavior gap by considering how they can keep their clients from making emotional investment mistakes. David Allison, CFA, CIPM, provides some helpful tips.

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