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01 September 2015

Top Five Articles from August: Hedge Fund Fees, Salary Negotiation, and Africa

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Top Five Articles from August: Hedge Fund Fees, Salary Negotiation, and Africa

1. Effective Salary Negotiation

The endgame of salary negotiation is a fair arrangement with your employer where the terms of your employment — the work you will do, the goals you will accomplish, the metrics that define success, and the way you will be compensated — set you up for long-term achievement. So how do you get there? Julia VanDeren fills in the blanks.

2. Hedge Fund Fees: The Rorschach Test of Investing

Could a different approach to investment benchmarking change the discussions about hedge fund management fees? Will Ortel considers the question.

3. The Herding Mentality: Behavioral Finance and Investor Biases

Like a medicine, prospect theory has been prescribed by many as an essential panacea for most if not all investment practitioners. Yet, heuristics — mental shortcuts — and other biases continue to affect some of our professional choices, leading us to make mistakes. For a gifted few in the industry, biases are a source of alpha. But for many others, biases impose a cost — a price paid for irrationalities.

4. Africa Rising: Now Is the Time to Invest in the World’s Fastest-Growing Continent

Many investors say that Africa is still too risky, but the biggest risk may be not investing in Africa in the first place. South African expat Lauren Foster reports on a presentation by Melissa Cook, CFA, from the 60th Financial Analysts Seminar (FAS), discussing the risks and rewards of doing business in Africa.

5. Where to Find Valuable Investment Information

One of the existential considerations for investors is: Where do I find valuable investment information on companies? Deciphering an answer to this question was the focus of a recent CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief poll. Jason Voss, CFA, discusses the results.

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