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Adam W. Sandback, CFA, FRM, CPA, CMA

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Adam W. Sandback CFA, FRM, CPA, CMA, is a futurist and an accomplished financial professional with a strong background in banking and energy. He is a CPA with traditional accounting training and has evolved into a subject matter expert, leading large-scale finance programs at major global banks. His expertise extends to climate risk management. As a dyslexia advocate, Sandback actively consults on neurodiversity in both professional settings and K-12 education. He earned his BBA in accounting from Hofstra University and a master’s in accounting and professional consultancy from Villanova University. Sandback is dedicated to ongoing learning and views climate risk as a pivotal challenge of our time.

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Rethinking Retirement Planning Amidst Aging Demographic Frontiers

Forward-thinking approaches to policy and wealth management are needed to ensure a better financial future across generations and income brackets.

AI to the Rescue? Overhauling the US Power Grid on the Path to Net Zero

Once known as secure and profitable investments, utilities are now viewed as enterprises fraught with financial risks. Investors should favor utilities that employ AI and other digital strategies to minimize damage from natural disasters.

Revolution and Risk: How to Pilot the AI Revolution

Previous market bubbles provide valuable lessons as we navigate the artificial intelligence revolution. They emphasize the need for a clear-sighted, cautious approach.

Climate Risk and the Future of US Commercial Real Estate

Climate risks and the CRE loan market have many points of intersection that spotlight the urgent need for community and regional banks to recalibrate their risk assessment frameworks.

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