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Andy Chakraborty is a portfolio manager at Duo Reges Capital Management, a Seattle-based long-short quantamental investment management firm that seeks to exploit human-machine collaboration gaps created by rule- or model-based trading. Duo Reges, which means "two kings" in Latin, focuses on the “hard edges” of how humans and machines collaborate in the financial markets, both successfully and unsuccessfully. Its core strategy is to forecast the resulting long and short momentum by clustering market participants into “personas” to which it recommends securities they will like (longs) or dislike (shorts). Chakraborty has 15 years of corporate investment and statistical model development experience as a financial and data science leader for Amazon, most recently as chief data scientist for AWS S3 and Amazon Retail Systems. He has held various corporate analytics and investment roles at Microsoft and Sprint. He also has five years of experience running complex semiconductor fab operations for Intel. Chakraborty earned his MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.

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Human–Machine Collaboration and Model-Aware Investing

How can we leverage the fact that machine learning, alternative data, and AI are not only widespread, but increasing in influence?

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