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April J. Rudin, founder and president of The Rudin Group, is an expert at the intersection of wealth marketing, next gen, and digital/social platforms. She regularly advises financial institutions on strategies and tactics to attract and engage with wealthy clients multi-generationally. Rudin is a consultant to global financial services firms in North America, Asia, and the Middle East, and a frequent contributor to Huffington Post , Family Wealth Report, and Fundfire, among other publications, on trends, commentary, and insight to wealth marketing.

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2019 US Wealth Management Outlook: The Old Guard and Fintech Cozy Up

The room for partnerships in 2019 extends throughout the wealth-management pipeline, says April J. Rudin.

Don’t Underestimate South Africa’s Wealth Market

"People should not underestimate the South African market or write it off due to recent disappointments," Marilize Lansdell tells April J. Rudin.

The Regtech Revolution: Compliance and Wealth Management in 2017

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) and other new technologies to regulatory compliance issues has a name: regtech, or regulatory technology. And it will be a key theme in wealth management in 2017, says April J. Rudin.

Wealth Management: Bringing in More Women

Cheryl Nash, president of Investment Services for Fiserv, is working to correct the gender imbalance in finance. She recently spoke to April J. Rudin about the initiatives she's involved with and what her own experience has taught her about the value women can bring to the industry.

How Financial Advisers Can Appeal to NextGens

Financial advisers who fail to understand and act on the behaviors and demands of young high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) may be unprepared for the long-term shifts in client attitudes that are on the horizon. To help financial advisers plan for this shift, Enterprising Investor interviewed David Wilson, of Capgemini Financial Services and founder of, for his personal views on how advisers can appeal to NextGens.

Mastering Social Media for Wealth Management Pros

Advisers who “go social” have an edge in business. A wealth management veteran shares the story of his social media conversion and offers tips on how advisers can build their own personal brand online.

Technology Is a Revenue Generator, Not an Expense Item

Being willing to spend money on innovative financial technology (fintech) is absolutely necessary for long-term revenue generation among wealth management firms.

The End of the Smartphone: What It Means for Investment Professionals

The inevitable extinction of smartphones will impact the way you do business. Either you can be proactive and use the next generation of smart technology to your advantage, or you can play catch-up when the time comes.

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