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Brian Langenberg, CFA, is the founder at award-winning industry sector research firm Langenberg & Company that provides research services and subscription products to institutional investors and corporate executives. Reports and subscriptions are available at

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The Trends That Matter for Industrial Companies

Brian Langenberg, CFA, iscusses several key trends for industrial companies regarding the lack of obvious alpha in the market and the industrial sector.

Earnings Headlines – What Do They Mean?

Brian Langenberg, CFA, dissucess his opinion of headline EPS results.

How Demand for Water Will Play Out: What You Learn from Attending Trade Shows

Attendance at conferences and trade shows highlights the necessity of basic field work that allows for the identification of mismatches between financial market expectations and reality, and this is how to capture profits and avoid losses.

Does 2Q Weakness Mean You Can’t Make Money?

Second-quarter revenue and earnings are indicating a sluggish global industrial economy, but also pockets of growth.

Can Investors Make Money in a Low-Growth Industrial Economy?

The easy money has been made. I am not referring to picking the market bottom reached on May 9, 2009. That would have been speculation, not investment…. READ MORE ›

Cummins: Catching a Bid ― Should You Chase It?

Cummins won’t make you rich, but it won’t kill you.

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