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Bradley Bonno is a retirement sales and service director for PNC Institutional Asset Management® focused on driving strategy and accountability as he leads our Fiduciary Investment Services sales and service efforts. He provides functional oversight to the Retirement Plan Advisers (RPAs) and Employee Education Consultants (EECs) working within Institutional Asset Management who are responsible for the delivery of services to our defined contribution plan clients. Bonno’s insights and perspectives on financial wellness and participant education in the retirement industry have been featured in multiple articles, webinars and interviews. He has been a manager and director with PNC Institutional Asset Management for 18 years leading conversion, relationship management, and employee education teams during his tenure. Prior to joining the firm, Bonno worked with Federated Investors’ Retirement Plan Services group for more than six years. During his last four years with Federated, he served as the group’s conversion manager. In all, he more than 26 years of experience in the retirement plan industry. Bonno graduated with a bachelor's of science in business administration and accounting from Ohio State University.

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