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Charlie Henneman, CFA, is head of educational events and programs at CFA Institute. Previously, he was the director of structuring and operations at Indosuez Capital, the CDO (collateralized debt obligation) management group of Credit Agricole Indosuez. Henneman previously held several positions in credit and structured finance, including managing director at advisory boutique AGS Financial, senior vice president and chief credit officer in the new products and ventures group at Enhance Financial Services Group, Inc., and director in the new assets group on Standard & Poor's structured finance ratings team. He holds a BA in political science from the University of Rochester and an MBA in finance from the New York University Stern School of Business.

Author's Posts
Different Sizes, Similar Strengths: Common Traits of Successful Investment Practices

Two radically different money management firms agree on the common components that drove their successes.

Sustainability: An Investment Perspective

Glenn Silverman, CFA, chief investment officer at Investment Solutions, describes four unsustainable global trends and how they impact every investor.

The Economist’s Vijay Vaitheeswaran: Can Innovation Save the World?

Terrorism and financial crises continue to grab headlines, but they pale when compared to three mega-trends that humanity must address in the coming decades.

J.P. Morgan Strategist David Kelly Not a Big Fan of Fed Policy

David Kelly, CFA, chief global strategist at J.P. Morgan Funds, outlines three problems with the current Federal Reserve policy of zero interest rates and quantitative easing.

The Next Normal? Is Crisis Fatigue Causing Wishful Thinking about the Markets?

I think everyone who follows financial markets has crisis fatigue, and most would be happy and relieved if the era of financial crisis is truly ending. But as analysts we shouldn’t allow optimism and wishful thinking to lead to analytical complacency.

Eric Bennett’s Top 10 Manager Search and Selection Tips

Eric Bennett, CFA, chairman and CEO of Tolleson Private Wealth Management, shares his top 10 tips for manager search and selection.

How Many of Our Successes and Failures Should Be Attributed to Luck?

How many stock pickers who outperform this year will beat a dart board next year? The answer depends upon whether luck or skill had more to do with their results.

The Case for a Balanced Budget Amendment

The symptoms of economic dysfunction in the United States are becoming all too apparent, according to Lacy Hunt, executive director at Hoisington Investment Management. His solution? A sustained increase in savings, sometimes referred to as “austerity.”

Asset Allocation for Private Clients: One Part Theory, Two Parts Emotion

Helping a client understand and articulate their own goals and their biggest fears, and then building a compatible investment strategy, is an enormous challenge and is likely to be different with every client.

Investing in Gold: Useful Hedge Or the Ultimate Emotional Investment — Or Both?

Why do so many veteran investors express such vehement disdain toward gold? Why are others so bullish on it? Given its deeply routed mystique, gold can exert a strong emotional pull on investors.

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