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Charlie Henneman, CFA, is head of educational events and programs at CFA Institute. Previously, he was the director of structuring and operations at Indosuez Capital, the CDO (collateralized debt obligation) management group of Credit Agricole Indosuez. Henneman previously held several positions in credit and structured finance, including managing director at advisory boutique AGS Financial, senior vice president and chief credit officer in the new products and ventures group at Enhance Financial Services Group, Inc., and director in the new assets group on Standard & Poor's structured finance ratings team. He holds a BA in political science from the University of Rochester and an MBA in finance from the New York University Stern School of Business.

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Mike Mayo, CFA: Lessons for Financial Analysts from the Exile on Wall Street

Analysts must assert three essential rights, says the veteran banking analyst: the right to ask for information, the right to get information, and the right to act on information.

Breaking Down the Opportunity in Asia Real Estate

Morgan Stanley's J.E. Hoke Slaughter made the case that China — along with India — provide the best long-term, sustained growth prospects in the world.

Avinash Persaud: Investors Should Brace for a Return of Currency Volatility

The chairman of Intelligence Capital laid out "seven rules of foreign exchange" that can help market practitioners manage their exchange rate exposures and clarify the future direction of currency markets.

Five Perspectives on China’s “Investment Bubble”

Vikram Mansharamani used five different perspectives on China’s economy to argue that China’s investment-driven boom will be the next great financial bubble to burst, predicting significant drops in industrial commodity prices, commodity producers’ profitability, and even the currencies of the major commodity-producing countries.

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