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A Wall Street veteran and entrepreneur, Charlotte Beyer has been identifying changes in the culture and dynamics of wealth management since 1992. After selling her company and retiring as CEO in 2012, Beyer founded the Principle Quest Foundation, a 501c3 foundation whose mission is to support innovative education and mentoring programs for women. Her career spans 40-plus years, first on Wall Street, and then as founder of the Institute for Private Investors (IPI) in 1992. A pioneer in social media, IPI hosted the first online community for investors when it went live in 1998. An Aresty Fellow of the Wharton School, Beyer continues to teach in Wharton’s Private Wealth Management program, a five-day residential curriculum she co-created with Wharton in 1999. Nearly 1200 principals/families with substantial assets have attended from 52 countries and 42 states. A graduate of Hunter College, Beyer is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement citation from Family Wealth Report for her "tangible legacy [that] championed the interests of private investors." Inspired by the lessons learned in both her financial services career and later her philanthropic activities, Beyer is the author of two books: Wealth Management Unwrapped and Principle Quest Unwrapped. A lifetime trustee of the Westover School, an all-girls school, Beyer was featured in the Wall Street Journal Donor of the Day column in 2011.

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