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Clare Flynn Levy is CEO and founder of Essentia Analytics, a leading provider of behavioral analytics services to professional investors and allocators of capital. Essentia’s proprietary manager assessment methodology, the Behavioral AlphaⓇ Benchmark, employs a rigorous decision attribution framework to help managers and allocators identify and interpret demonstrated investment skills in equity portfolio managers. Prior to founding Essentia, Flynn Levy spent 10 years as a fund manager, in both active equity, running over $1 billion of pension funds for Deutsche Asset Management, and hedge, as founder and CIO of Avocet Capital Management, a specialist tech fund manager.

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Decision Attribution: Portfolio Manager Skill vs. Past Performance

As portfolio managers, being able to show our investors — with data-driven evidence — that we know exactly what we are good at and the steps we are taking to improve goes a long way.

Manager Selection: The Power of Payoff

The most important portfolio manager skill metric is often overlooked.

Bridging the Fundamental–Quant Divide

Where is the common ground between quant and fundamental investing?

Tips for Aspiring Portfolio Managers

What makes a good fund manager? A willingness to learn, from your own success and failures, but also from the wisdom of those who came before you.