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Daniel Kim is founder and chief investment officer at Blackcrane Capital, an investment management firm based in Bellevue, Washington. Previously, he was a portfolio manager and partner at Mastholm Asset Management.

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Why You Need to Own Japanese Equities

Daniel Kim, CFA, discusses how you should interpret all of the glamour and hype over the Japan’s current economic rebound and high aspirations of political reform.

Are Pets Replacing Children in Japan?

Pets are rapidly becoming the center of attention and companionship within the Japanese household. Official estimates show that the national pet population is over 22 million, compared with only 16.6 million children under the age of 15. Are these trends just a coincidence, or are children really being replaced by pets in Japan?

Do Stock Screens Really Work?

Because the reality is that there is no crystal ball that we can depend on to give a steady flow of investment ideas, the most common methodology that fundamental investors use today is the stock screen.

Equity Investing: When is it Time to Sell?

Timing the sale of a security is arguably the most important aspect of any successful investment strategy, and the only true, unbiased indicator of where a security should be trading is information itself. That said, there is still value in using price targets.

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