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Eileen Overbaugh, JD, advises hedge funds and other pooled investment vehicles in connection with capital raising, structuring, formation, investor negotiations, and ongoing operations. Offering the benefit of extensive experience, she negotiates seed and strategic investments, funds-of-one, managed account arrangements, and other alternative investment relationships. She also regularly advises asset managers and institutional investors with respect to co-investments. Her practice is focused particularly on the business arrangements between the principals of asset management firms, including governance of the investment manager and general partner entities. Overbaugh also structures and negotiates employee compensation and employee separation arrangements for both asset managers and their most senior employees. She works closely with clients to understand their business goals and commercial needs. She provides efficient, practical legal advice to a variety of clients, from family-owned enterprises to multinational asset managers. Her principal areas of focus include: fund formation, hedge funds, investment management, private equity, governance.

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