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Emil Kalinowski, CFA, is employed in the metals and mining industry writing about how socioeconomic and geopolitical trends affect the supply, demand, and price of base and precious metals. His present focus is on the 2007 malfunction of the monetary system and its continuing disorder. Presently living in the Cayman Islands, he is also radio talk show host (@MoneySenseRadio) and newspaper contributor (@cayCompass) but ratings and letters to the editor suggest he's probably going to have to keep his regular job. When he's not attending Flight of the Conchords performances, you can find him on Twitter @EmilKalinowski.

Author's Posts
The Silent Depression: Trundling Is the New Booming

What do two speeches from the 1970s say about today's economy?

Negative Interest Rates: The Logical Absurdity

Upside-down rates do make sense. They reveal the high cost of staying solvent.

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