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Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, FRM

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Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, FRM, is director of capital markets at Climate Advisers and has over 13 years experience as an ESG research manager showing investment teams that ESG issues — including climate risk — can be an indicator of corporate financial performance. During this time, his coverage universe has included both global equity and debt positions in the financials, consumer staples, energy, utilities, raw materials, constructions, agriculture, and chemicals sectors. In 2015, his proposal — developed with the Inter-American Development Bank — won the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance. He publishes a weekly finance blog on Bloomberg and elsewhere, and is a frequent global speaker on capital markets issues.

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Forest Crimes: Are Investors Aware of Related Financial Risks?

What is your organization doing to make sure its supply chain is forest-crime free? The litigation risks are real.

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