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Gustavo Teruel, CFA

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Gustavo Teruel is a partner at Exxacon, a Spanish-Chilean company that manages investments in real assets for institutions and high net worth individuals since 1998. Apart from earning the CFA Charter, Mr. Teruel completed a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering at the University of Granada and an MBA at IE Business School.

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Inditex Is Priced for Perfection

This article is meant to illustrate how, depending on the price, the stock of a great company may not be a great investment.

Eurozone in Crisis: Why Talent Is Fleeing from Spain

If Spain abandons the euro or defaults on its debt, it could trigger a Lehman-style meltdown. In spite of the good performance of Spanish sovereign debt and stocks in these first weeks of the year, this meltdown scenario can’t be ruled out yet.

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