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Gustavo Teruel is a partner at Exxacon, a Spanish-Chilean company that manages investments in real assets for institutions and high net worth individuals since 1998. Apart from earning the CFA Charter, Mr. Teruel completed a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering at the University of Granada and an MBA at IE Business School.

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Bestinver: How to Deal with the Departure of Your Star Manager

Francisco García Paramés, dubbed the Warren Buffett of Europe for the stellar returns of his flagship fund Bestinfond, has been the subject of considerable interest for a while now. Last September, Paramés broke up with his long-time employer, the Entrecanales family, for reasons which neither of the parties has fully disclosed.

Martin Wolf on the Eurozone, the ECB, and General Investment Woes

Gustavo Teruel, CFA, recently spoke with Martin Wolf of the Financial Times about his latest book, recent developments in the eurozone, and the global investing outlook more generally.

The Outlook for Spain and the Eurozone

The Enterprising Investor recently spoke with José Ramón Iturriaga, one of the top fund managers in Spain — not to mention one of the most prescient. In a wide-ranging discussion, Iturriaga shared his thoughts on developments in Spain and the eurozone as well as his overall investment strategy.

What’s Really Behind the Plunge in Oil Prices?

Given the recent developments in the price of oil and their implications for the broader market, what follows is an interview with Daniel Lacalle, a specialist in energy and utilities.

Why Spanish Real Estate has Become So Popular All of a Sudden

The Spanish real estate market is coming back to life after several years in a catatonic state.

The Fight For Top Talent in European Soccer

We have known that there’s a data-driven method to run professional sports teams, however, it seems that the time-tested lessons of value investing that Billy Beane applied successfully with the Oakland A’s are impossible to implement in European soccer.

An Interview with Carlos Doblado

Carlos Doblado is a prominent Spanish market technician. He is a partner at the advisory firm Ágora Asesores Financieros EAFI SL, manages the mutual fund BSG Prometeo FI, and is a regular presence in the financial media.

What’s the “Warren Buffett of Europe” Up To: Part Two

In the previous post about Bestinver Asset Management’s annual meeting this year, I spoke about its origins, investment style, and efforts to educate its clients so that they share the same set of principles when it comes to market timing and investment time frame. In this post, I’ll delve into the current views of Bestinver’s managers.

What is the “Warren Buffett of Europe” Up To?

Bestinver’s chief investment officer, Francisco García Paramés (labeled the European Warren Buffett), has become an icon for the Spanish investment and business community. Even though he is not yet a household name in Spain, as Buffett is in the United States, the financial media pay special attention to what he has to say. Bestinver’s flagship fund, Bestinfond, has yielded a 16.1% annualized return since its inception.

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