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Heather Packard is the director of product development at CFA Institute and serves as the subject matter expert in leadership, management, and communication skills (LMCS). Previously, she was the managing partner at Trilogy Corporation of Virginia, where she was responsible for developing and cultivating a regional territory for telecommunications and network integration sales. Packard also served as the coordinator of collections for the Science and Engineering Libraries at the University of Virginia. She holds an BA in English and Spanish Literature from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and an MA in Spanish Literature from the University of Virginia. Topical Expertise: Leadership, Management, and Communication Skills

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Take 15: Success in Value Investing (Video)

Scott M. Black, founder and president of Delphi Management, explains his style of value investing, skills needed for success, what the future may hold for active management, and tips on finding value in the art market.

Soft Skills for Finance: Books That Inspire

As my colleague aptly put it, "the more well-rounded you are, the better you are as a financial professional." In a similar vein, I share with you a few books that have both informed and inspired my leadership philosophy.

Is Too Much Stress Killing Your Portfolio?

For investment professionals, the subject of stress and how to effectively manage it is a perennial topic of interest. Recently, Frank Murtha of MarketPsych explained how to recognize and effectively manage your stressors, with a particular emphasis on self-management and effective client management during times of financial market instabilities.

Soft Skills for Finance: Tools for Decoding Your Personality and Work Style

Most New Year's resolutions are doomed to fail. Why not resolve instead to learn who you are and what makes you tick — warts and all?

The “Softer” Side of Finance: My Top Articles from 2012

Heather Packard rounds up her favorite articles from 2012 on soft skills and career development.

Career Conversations: Persuasion (Podcast)

Seasoned sales and communication coach Paul Donehue argues that persuasion is much more powerful (and effective) than a command approach.

Soft Skills for Finance: The Power of Influence

What does the word "influence" mean to you? Businesses are increasingly moving towards flat and/or matrix organizational structures and valuing and encouraging collaboration and interdependencies across work groups. The ability to influence in all directions and across all types of relationships is also likewise becoming increasingly important. In this brave new world, influence doesn't simply mean achieving a specific outcome you desire but rather collaborating effectively with and leading others collectively towards commitment, outcomes, and change.

Five Key Strategies for Building Trust with Your Clients

Jamie Ziegler, cofounder of the consulting firm AUM Partners, offers five practical tips for learning how to better communicate, build, and demonstrate trust with clients, peers, and colleagues.

Take 15: Why Emotional Intelligence Is Critical to Your Success (Video)

Demonstrating proficiency in emotional intelligence is a critical skill set that is in demand across all roles in the investment industry. Why is this the case, are there challenges unique to investment professionals, and what practical steps can you take to develop this soft skill?

Leadership Roundup: Lessons from the Barclays Scandal

Barclays was recently fined a record £290m/$450m for attempting to manipulate the London interbank offered rate (Libor). This settlement is the first in a probe launched by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission that now spans nearly a dozen regulators and more than 20 banks, and the continuing investigations are expected to set a basis for settlement negotiations with individuals and other institutions. So, what went wrong?

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