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Isaac Presley, CFA, is Director of Investments for Cordant Wealth Partners, a wealth management firm focused on serving current and former Intel employees. He leads the firm’s investment committee and directs the company’s investment strategy and research. In addition, he heads the firm’s blogging efforts on the Cordant Blog.

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Increasing Client Withdrawal Rates in Retirement

For retirees, success means, in part, not outliving their money. Two recent studies shed insight on how advisers can help clients accomplish that, Isaac Presley, CFA, reports.

Good Financial Adviser/Bad Financial Adviser

Inspired by a Ben Horowitz essay, Isaac Presley, CFA, sets out to define what differentiates the good financial advisers from the bad ones.

Three Tips for Evidence-Based Retirement Plans

Isaac Presley, CFA, has a few suggestions to put a little evidence-based thinking into your clients' retirement plans.

“Same Side Selling” to Improve Trust and Opportunities

Why do so many avoid seeking financial advice? It comes down to trust, says Isaac Presley, CFA.

Seven Questions for Better Conversations

Better conversations lead to better relationships, says Isaac Presley, CFA. To achieve that, you must talk less. And when you do speak, ask great questions.

Three Ways to Build a Culture of Better Decisions

We could all make better decisions. So how to do it? Isaac Presley, CFA, shares decision-making wisdom from General George S. Patton, Jr., Shane Parrish, and Marc Andreessen, among others.

The Key to Great Investing

A number of different investing strategies are effective, but the key is not so much to find any one approach in particular, but to apply it with discipline, says Isaac Presley, CFA.

In Defense of the Niche Firm: Repositioning the Competition

Overcoming the concerns about occupying a niche leads to several benefits for both an advisory firm and its clients. First and foremost, a specialized focus will make you, as an analyst, more knowledgeable about your clientele. Another major benefit is that you are a category unto yourself in the minds of your potential clients, writes Isaac Presley, CFA.

Four Investing Lessons from Intel’s Andy Grove

Former Intel CEO Andy Grove wasn't just a great businessman and leader. It turns out he was also a pretty smart investor. Isaac Presley, CFA, highlights several investing lessons from Grove's life and work.

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