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John Rubino

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John Rubino, a former financial analyst, manages and is a freelance writer and author of several books on investment topics.

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How Will the Next Decade Change Markets?

As the saying goes, it’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future. But it’s manifestly worth the effort because catching big trends is how fortunes are made and catastrophic losses are avoided.

How Will Negative Interest Rates Change the Rules of the Game?

Recent events have challenged traditional economic theory about low (and negative) interest rates. Is it a brief aberration or the beginning of an unfamiliar and potentially treacherous new normal?

Is Your Portfolio Ready for an Invasion of Disruptive Technologies?

Something amazing this way comes. An invasion fleet of perennial “next big things” that have disappointed futurists (for decades in some cases) and provided ammunition for skeptics is finally set to arrive.

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