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Junchen Xia is a current senior at George Mason University pursuing a BS in finance. She is a Dean Finance Scholarship Recipient and a Phi Kappa Phi and Honors Program member. With a solid foundation in finance and accounting theories and applications, she is a teaching assistant for financial management at George Mason University. She is preparing for the CFA level I exam and has actively participated in the CFA Research and Ethics Challenge. She has skills in financial analysis, modeling, Python, and R. She is interested in pursuing a career as a financial analyst.

Author's Posts
Short Squeezes: A Four-Factor Model

To determine whether a stock might become the target of a short squeeze, there are four criteria to keep in mind.

Digital Gold or Fool’s Gold: Is Crypto Really a Hedge against Equity Risk?

When it comes to hedging equity risk, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are less "digital gold" and more fool's gold.

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