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Katrina Sherrerd, PhD, CFA

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Katrina Sherrerd, PhD, CFA, was CEO of Research Affiliates and now serves as an advisor to the firm and is a member of the Executive Committee of the board. Sherrerd managed the overall operations and resources of the firm, the communication between board and senior management, and the establishment of long-range strategy and policy to help the firm deliver on its core mission of conducting cutting-edge research and advancing innovative product development for the benefit of investors.

Author's Posts
The Investment Case for Culture

How can we meet the dual challenge of investor preferences and investment outcomes?

Four Principles to Sustaining a Desired Culture

Once we define the culture we aspire to build, our challenge and responsibility is to cultivate it over time. That process is far from automatic and has no finish line.

Defining an Ideal Culture: A Values-Based Framework

The values-based framework can help leaders define, clarify, and establish a firm's desired culture, Katrina Sherrerd, PhD, CFA, writes.

How Culture Improves Outcomes: Cognitive Diversity

Leaders need to prioritize culture, says Katrina Sherrerd, PhD, CFA.

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