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Mark J. Higgins, CFA, CFP is a seasoned investment adviser with more than a dozen years of experience serving large institutional investors, such as endowments, foundations, public pension plans, and corporate operating reserves. He is also an avid financial historian and is publishing a book on the full history of the US financial system in early 2023 with Greenleaf Book Group. Higgins received a master's of business administration from the Darden School of Business and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Georgetown University with bachelors' of arts degrees in English and psychology. He is also a CFA charterholder and CFP professional.

Author's Posts
The Fed’s “Time of Testing”: Is This Where the Trouble Will Stop?

“This is a time of testing -- a testing not only of our capacity collectively to reach coherent and intelligent policies, but to stick with them.” -- Paul Volcker

Powell Prescribes More Economic Pain: Three Financial History Lessons Support His Diagnosis

“The first lesson is that central banks can and should take responsibility for delivering low and stable inflation,”

The Fed Isn’t Bluffing: The Real Threat of an Upside-Down Depression

Paul Volcker restored the Fed's credibility through suffering. The Fed's leadership knows that it must pursue a similar course today.

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