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Michael DePalma is a managing director, head of quantitative fixed income at MacKay Shields. Prior to joining MacKay Shields, he was the CEO of PhaseCapital, a boutique asset manager, where he managed systematic macro and credit strategies. Prior to joining PhaseCapital, DePalma was chief investment officer for quantitative investment strategies and director of fixed income absolute return at AllianceBernstein where he managed multi-sector, global, credit, unconstrained fixed income, and currency strategies. Prior to assuming this role, he was global director of fixed income and FX quantitative research and risk management. DePalma graduated with a BS from Northeastern University and an MS from New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

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Have Central Bank Interventions Repriced Corporate Credit? Part 1

Have the Fed's and ECB's purchases of corporate bonds permanently altered the pricing of corporate credit risk?

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