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Pablo A. Ruz Salmones is the co-founder and CEO of Grupo Ya Quedó, a software development and artificial intelligence (AI) company headquartered in Mexico City. As a computer and business engineer, he leads new partnerships and enterprise client relationships at Grupo Ya Quedó in North America, Africa, and India. He also serves as director of marketing at Blue Ocean Global Technology. Ruz Salmones is a regular speaker at global conferences on topics ranging from scaling global businesses and e-commerce to the application and ethics of AI Ruz Salmones is an active member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the International Society of Business Leaders (ISoBL), the CCPM (Colegio de Contadores Públicos de México), and the Mexico City chapter organizer of Hackers/Founders. He holds an Ethical Leadership Certification from the NASBA Center for the Public Trust. Ruz Salmones is a published writer and technologist who recently developed a costing system for accurate assessment of data storage in cloud servers. He is a lifelong pianist and composer as well as a concert performer. Ruz Salmones is relentlessly committed to creating a world in which we all see everyone for what we are: human beings.

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GameStop, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, and the Future of Investing

The GameStop story represents a shift in the balance of power and with it the future of investing and social media.

When to Use Big Data — and When Not To

The full promise of big data can only be realized when it is guided by thoughtful human expertise.

Why People Drive Artificial Intelligence Today and Tomorrow

Now that artificial intelligence has arrived, we all must stay ahead of the curve of the AI revolution.

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