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Parijat Garg, CFA, is an algorithmic trader, investor, and entrepreneur with 11 years of systematic trading experience under his belt. He is a computer science engineer from IIT Bombay and a CFA charterholder since 2011. Having begun his career with Tower Research Capital, now a global leader in high-frequency algorithmic trading, Garg then began to apply systematic trading strategies in the Indian markets and has been trading in India for more than seven years now. He also maintains a concentrated equity portfolio built on long-term investing principles. He is a rare individual who has enjoyed success at two extremes of the financial markets: very long-term investing as well as ultra short-term algorithmic trading. He strongly believes and demonstrates that it is possible to create wealth using a wide variety of techniques. All it requires is skill, discipline, and a little bit of luck!

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Discretionary Investing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

No two investment managers are alike. There is no reason why two artificial intelligence (AI)-driven systems should be either, says Parijat Garg, CFA.

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