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Pat Light was an assistant editor at CFA Institute. Before joining the CFA Institute editorial staff, he worked as a teacher. Light has a bachelor's degree in English from Duke University.

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Volatility Premiums in Institutional Investment Portfolios

A team of researchers set about investigating the role of volatility premiums in institutional investment portfolios. Their simulations showed that modest allocations to short volatility exposure have the potential to enhance long-term returns. One of the researchers, William Fallon, spoke with Pat Light about these new insights.

Meaningful Private Equity Fund Performance Evaluation

Morten Sorensen and Ravi Jagannathan took on the question of how to effectively evaluate the performance of private equity (PE) funds, and they offered a rigorous theoretical justification for using the public market equivalent (PME).

Building a Better Risk Model

When Ignacio Ruiz and his associates, Piero Del Boca and Ricardo Pachón, looked at the current models for directional-way risk, they found that the models were impossible to calibrate. So, they set about creating their own model.

How Did Keynes Perform as an Investor?

John Maynard Keynes is best known as an economist, and his ideas have done much to shape modern economic thought and policies. But there’s a side of Keynes that doesn’t get as much attention as his economic genius.

There’s Alpha in Your (Right) Brain

Modern investing is a numbers game, an analysis game, an equations and computers and data game. And so when CNBC reports that alpha is at a three-decade low, it… READ MORE ›

Clarifying Fama and French

Steven Thorley, CFA, and his coauthors Roger Clarke and Harindra de Silva, CFA, didn’t start out to write an article about the Fama–French three-factor model.

Interview: Charley Ellis, CFA, Speaks Out about Active Management (Podcast)

“The Rise and Fall of Performance Investing,” a recent article by Charles D. Ellis, CFA, in the Financial Analysts Journal, has sparked a lot of chatter in the financial press.

Junior Equity Market Regulation in Canada and around the World (Podcast)

Market regulation is a hot-button topic at the best of times, and the economic effects of specific regulations are very rarely completely understood. J. Ari Pandes and Michael J. Robinson, CFA, looked into market regulation for an article in the July/August 2014 issue of the Financial Analysts Journal.

Marty Fridson Deflates the High-Yield Bond Balloon (Podcast)

Over time, the annualized return of a duration-targeting, investment-grade corporate bond portfolio will nearly match its initial yield. A high-yield bond portfolio’s performance is not similarly predictable, according to Martin Fridson, CFA.

Mapping the Global Market Portfolio (Podcast)

In 2012, global investments comprised $91 trillion across a wide array of asset classes. But when clients at Robeco asked how their portfolios matched up against the market portfolio, Chief Strategist Ronald Doeswijk found that “there was hardly any research available about the global multi-asset market portfolio.”

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