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Pim van Vliet, PhD, is head of Conservative Equities and Chief Quant Strategist at Robeco. As head of Conservative Equities, he is responsible for a wide range of global, regional, and sustainable low-volatility strategies. He specializes in low-volatility investing, asset pricing, and quantitative finance and is the author of numerous academic research papers for the Journal of Financial Economics, Management Science, Financial Analyst Journal, and the Journal of Portfolio Management. van Vliet is a guest lecturer at several universities, author of an investment book and speaker at international seminars. He holds a PhD and a master's cum laude in financial and business economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Author's Posts
Did Inflation Kill the CAPM?

While the immediate future may not be promising for the equity premium, it looks bright for factor premiums.

The Low-Volatility Factor and Occam’s Razor

Will the low-volatility premium continue to be the best-kept secret in financial markets?

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