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Richard Stott is a founding partner, CEO, and CIO of Connectum Capital Management AS, one of Norway’s first fee-only wealth management companies. Apart from management and key relationship responsibilities, Stott has responsibility for the company’s client portfolio. Prior to moving to Norway and starting Connectum, Stott worked in both the UK and Switzerland for a number of institutions such as Coutts and J. Rothschild International. He has a degree in finance and accounting from Leeds Metropolitan University and Hochschule Bremen. A founder member and past president of CFA Society Norway, Stott has also served as the Chairman of the British Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

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Raising Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) from the Dead

C. Thomas Howard and Jason Voss, CFA, have called for the demise of modern portfolio theory (MPT) and the capital asset pricing model (CAPM). They say “financial markets should be viewed and analyzed using a behavioral lens.” Nathan Erickson, CFA, CAIA, and Richard Stott have a different opinion.