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Fundamental Value Revisited? Three Investing Tips for “Absolutely Crazy” Conditions

What do we do in an environment where fundamentals begin to take a backseat to public policy?

Angela Duckworth: The Power of Grit

What's more important to success — talent or effort?

DeFi-ing the Rules: Five Opportunities and Five Risks of Decentralized Finance

Campbell Harvey explains why DeFi has such transformative potential.

Tell Me a Story: Aswath Damodaran on Valuing Young Companies

When valuing companies, "You don't have to be right to make money," Aswath Damodaran says. "You just have to be less wrong than everybody else.”

The Future of Work for a Post-COVID Investment Industry

The future of work has already arrived for investment professionals.

Best of 2015: A Sea in Agitation

In Lew Wallace's Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, a sense of powerlessness runs through the dramatic story of betrayal, revenge, and redemption. As the novel unfolds, the sea comes to symbolize the vast impersonal forces — chaos, volatility, unpredictability, shifting currents of fortune — that seem to shape individual destinies. Looking back over the articles published in CFA Institute Magazine during 2015, this literary theme seems fitting for investors and markets over the past year.

Shuffling Sideways: What If Markets Are Bound for Chronic Underachievement?

All the recent market scares have been driven by the same implied menace. Whether it’s another round of anxiety about Greece, another head fake by the US Federal Reserve on raising rates, or fears about China’s economy, investors appear to be nervous about a major correction, downturn, or crash. But what if the real danger were of a very different sort?

The Ultimate Satisfice: Is Irrational Behavior Good for Markets?

If it wasn’t for the impulsive, overconfident, irrationally exuberant, cognitively biased masses and their quirky behavior, we would have no markets at all.

Is Mainstream Finance Theory Adrift?

An important new monograph from the CFA Institute Research Foundation explores a fundamental question in the wake of the global financial crisis: Has finance theory failed investors?

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