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Ronald J. Surz is president and CEO of PPCA Inc. and its division, Target Date Solutions. He is a pension consulting veteran, having started with A.G. Becker in the 1970's. Surz earned an MBA in Finance at the University of Chicago and an MS in Applied Mathematics at the University of Illinois.

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What Hungry Investors Really Want from Their Financial Advisers

Investors want what Meir Statman calls “utilitarian benefits.” We know that a diversified, low-cost portfolio is theoretically best, but we'd rather have the amusement and bragging rights of expensive, risky investments like hedge funds and specialized equity managers.

Better Investment Consulting Is Long Overdue

Active managers consistently fail to earn their fees year after year. What can change this pattern of repeated failure? Ron Surz, president and CEO of PPC, Inc., weighs in.

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