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Samantha Merwin, CFA

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Samantha Merwin, CFA, is the Head of Markets Advocacy for ETF & Index Investing (EII) Markets & Investments at BlackRock. In this role, she works closely with BlackRock's Global Public Policy Group in addressing a wide range of issues related to indexing and ETFs with policymakers worldwide. She also works to enhance the current dialogue around how indexing and ETFs are affecting the financial markets with clients and market participants. Merwin is a member of the Bryant University Wall Street Council and the Bryant University College of Business Dean's Council. She is also a CFA charterholder.

Author's Posts
Terra Firma: How ETFs Helped Stabilize a Stressed Bond Market

What role have exchange-traded funds (ETFs) played amid the current coronavirus-driven market stresses?

Dispelling the Misperceptions: Three Ways ETFs Benefit Financial Markets

Lingering concerns that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have injected new risks into the system are misplaced.

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