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Sebastian Petric, CFA, is an investment professional with LGT and worked previously as a capital market researcher with Raiffeisen Bank International and as a director in the investment office of UBS. He was educated at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the London School of Economics, and the University of Oxford. Petric has a strong interest in asset pricing, development finance, inclusive globalization, and sustainable economic growth and recently published his book, entitled Predictability of Financial Crises: The Impact of Fundamental, Policy-induced and Institutional Vulnerabilities on China Compared to other Emerging Markets.

Author's Posts
Time-Varying Risk Premia: Cochrane’s “Discount Rates”

"Discount rates vary a lot more than we thought. Most of the puzzles and anomalies that we face amount to discount-rate variation we do not understand."

Tactical Asset Allocation: The Flexibility Advantage

The end of the loose money era may offer an opportunity for tactical asset allocation.

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