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Sherree DeCovny is a principal of Sententia Partners, which produces thought leadership content for clients in finance, technology, supply chain, logistics, and international trade. She is a research principal of Chain Business Insights, which provides research, analysis and business intelligence on blockchain technology in supply chain management and trade finance. DeCovny has written for leading journals and authored several books and reports in her field.

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Assessing Value in the Digital Economy

Analysts need new tools to evaluate new business models.

Can Infrastructure Investing Deliver?

More infrastructure spending could open up significant opportunities for core infrastructure companies and related businesses, propelling US equity indexes higher, writes Sherree DeCovny.

Cyber Threats: Can Financial Firms Maneuver Fast Enough?

As a core part of the critical economic infrastructure, financial firms offer a prime target for adversaries who want to steal data and funds or even to disrupt the industry. Financial firms effectively have fallen behind in a cyber arms race, and the magnitude of risk has vastly increased, with organized crime and state-sponsored attacks becoming more active and powerful. But financial professionals may have a surprising ability to adapt.

The Job Market for Analysts: How to Ride a Swinging Pendulum

The job market for analysts today is more competitive than ever, and reaching the top requires a different skillset than was expected of previous generations.

Investment Opportunities Flow from Water Initiatives

Environmental changes, population growth, contamination, and aging infrastructure are all contributing to water shortages. Solving such problems will require input from the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. By targeting water initiatives, investors may find secular growth in municipal bonds, public and private company shareholdings, and exchange-traded funds.

Are Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology the Future?

An expansive range of products and services are being built around bitcoin, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies. Financial firms are looking at ways to leverage blockchain technology for the purpose of increasing efficiency and to incorporate it into portfolios.

Diversification of a Different Kind

Gender-lens portfolios aim to align investment strategies with values.

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