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Stephen Campisi, CFA, is managing director at The Pensar Group, where he provides research, consulting services, and post-credential education in the areas of asset allocation, risk analysis, portfolio construction, and performance evaluation. Drawing on over two decades of experience as a portfolio manager for private, philanthropic, and pension clients, he has published innovations and insights into all phases of the investment process, several of which have become part of the body of knowledge and are employed at significant investment and analytics firms. His most recent research focuses on a holistic view of risk throughout the investment process and within a decision-based framework. This is the capstone to his pioneering work in true goals-based investing with monetary measures of risk and performance evaluation. Campisi has authored numerous publications and makes frequent presentations of his research at investment conferences, as well as at leading universities and investment groups. He spent over a decade as a graduate school faculty member and as an instructor for CFA exam preparation. He continues to mentor and provide guidance to investment professionals. He holds masters degrees in both music and finance.

Author's Posts
Managing Regret Risk: The Role of Asset Allocation

Regret risk is a quantifiable phenomenon. The answer for some clients may be equally weighted portfolios.

Evaluating Benchmark Misfit Risk

How can we identify and measure a portfolio's benchmark misfit risk?

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