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Ted Seides, CFA, created Capital Allocators LLC to explore best practices in the asset management industry. He launched the Capital Allocators podcast in 2017 and the show reached five million downloads in January 2021. Barron’s, Business Insider, Forbes and Value Walk each named it among the top investing podcasts. Alongside the podcast, Seides works with both managers and allocators to enhance their investment and business processes. In March 2021, he published his second book, Capital Allocators: How the World's Elite Money Managers Lead and Invest, to distill the lessons from the first 150 episodes of the podcast. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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How NOT to Approach Allocators

We learn best what to do by gaining an understanding of what not to do. Ted Seides, CFA, illustrates that point by highlighting several of the more puzzling solicitations he's received over the years.

Loyalty Rewards: A Better Fee Structure for All

A better fee structure for more hedge fund participants might be one that rewards investor loyalty with reduced management fees over time.

Betting with Buffett: Seven Lean Years Later

Standing seven years into a 10-year wager with Warren Buffett that hedge funds would outperform the S&P 500, we sure look wrong, says Ted Seides, CFA. What follows is an assessment of why, and an outlook on where to go from here.

Is CalPERS a Canary in the Coal Mine?

Will CalPERS’ recent announcement of its intention to exit its $4 billion hedge fund portfolio become a successful example of thought leadership or a sour route for the crowd to follow?

The Sobering Reality of “Retirement Risk”

As the founders of the first generation of institutional hedge funds reach the twilight of their careers, allocators are beginning to think about “retirement risk” in their hedge fund portfolios.

Lessons from Golf: Is it Time to Sell a Fund Manager?

The golf analogy, "What are the chances that someone posting a 50 on the front nine is actually a scratch golfer?" is used to describe emerging managers.

In Praise of Risk Aversion

“And the seasons they go ’round and ’round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We’re captive on the carousel of time”
— Joni Mitchell The Circle Game
The hardest day to invest is always the current one. Despite this truth,… READ MORE ›

The Future of Long-Short Equity

Although historically one of the leading strategies in the hedge fund world, long/short equity has recently underperformed other venues for hedge fund investment. What does the futture hold?

Investment Strategy: Rethinking Hedge Fund Indices

Creating a hedge fund index that reflects investor experience is certainly a challenge, but the assertions made in the academic research point fingers at the wrong issues. Ted Seides thinks it worthwhile to set the record straight.

Hedge Funds: The Most Expensive Bargain In Town

The $2 trillion question is not whether hedge funds do something valuable in the markets; it’s whether hedge funds are worth the price. Ted Seides presents three different arguments in support of hedge funds.

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