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Yvo Timmermans, CFA, is portfolio manager at JLP Asset Management, a global real estate securities firm, and has over 14 years of investment experience spanning a wide range of developed and emerging markets. He is currently based in Amsterdam and oversees JLP's investments in EMEA and LATAM. Timmermans graduated from the University of Maastricht with a master's degree in economics and international management and recently completed an executive degree in global macroeconomic challenges from the London School of Economics. Timmermans is a CFA charterholder.

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Gold $3,000?

What happened to the negative correlation between the price of gold and the US dollar?

Post–COVID-19 Europe: Three Scenarios

Austerity, mutualization, monetization, or some combination thereof? What path will Europe take?

Eurozone Recovery Falters — What’s Next?

Powerful new instruments have to be created to revive a flagging eurozone economy.

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