Practical analysis for investment professionals

Drivers of Value

Cummins: Catching a Bid ― Should You Chase It?

Cummins won’t make you rich, but it won’t kill you.

Fifth Anniversary of the Credit Crisis: Should you Buy CLOs?

As the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis approaches, David Schawel, CFA, discusses CLOs – what they are, how they’ve performed, who is buying them, and the value they offer – in regards to QE.

Inditex Is Priced for Perfection

This article is meant to illustrate how, depending on the price, the stock of a great company may not be a great investment.

What Is a Real Estate Investment Trust? (Video)

Discussion on the nature of a real estate investment trust.

Eurozone in Crisis: Why Talent Is Fleeing from Spain

If Spain abandons the euro or defaults on its debt, it could trigger a Lehman-style meltdown. In spite of the good performance of Spanish sovereign debt and stocks in these first weeks of the year, this meltdown scenario can’t be ruled out yet.

Can Technical Analysis Boost Portfolio Returns?

In a broad-based study examining two decades worth of returns, a trio of academics find that fund managers who employ technical analysis delivered higher returns than those who did not — results that could help to change the way technical analysis is thought of in the asset management world.

Impact Investing: Turning a Profit and Changing the World

Impact investing, a rapidly growing sector of socially responsible investing (SRI), represents the nexus of philanthropy and traditional finance: It expands the definition of return on invested capital to include both financial and social returns.

Value Investing: A Conversation with Mario Gabelli (Video)

Conversation with Mario Gabelli, CFA, on investing, research, and the hunt for investment opportunities.

Faith-Based Investing: Believers Engaging the Boardroom

Why, how, and to what effect do faith-based investors engage with companies to seek positive social and environmental change?

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