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Drivers of Value

Is New York City Real Estate in Recovery? (Podcast)

The New York real estate market has seen improvements which, in many ways, reflect the global market.

Fixed-Income Strategy: What’s Jeffrey Gundlach Doing?

Few bond fund managers attract as much attention as DoubleLine Capital’s Jeffrey Gundlach. I am always anxious to see portfolio changes made in this fund, and I recently had the opportunity to take a close look at the fund holdings, which can give some valuable insight into how fixed income investors might consider positioning their portfolios.

Dilemmas in Responsible Investment: Lessons from the Lonmin Strike

While all investors are concerned with the risk and return of investing, some are also concerned with social and environmental impact of their investments. Céline Louche discusses the dilemmas these investors face.

M&A Trends: Are Business Owners Able to Sell? (Podcast)

Andrew Greenberg discusses whether a trend of small business owners selling their firms will emerge in advance of the election.

Mortgage REITs: Does Doubling the Leverage Make Them a Good Investment?

Having recently passed the four-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse, it’s tempting to believe that our economy and capital markets have learned from their mistakes. Nevertheless, every now and then Wall Street reminds us that it has “fallen off the wagon,” and reverted back to scary old ways of the bad old days. One of those old tricks is to add unnecessary leverage to assets that may not be safe to begin with.

Are You an Unintentional Hedge Fund Investor?

Hedge funds may sound mysterious, complicated, or secretive. Some of them undoubtedly are, but the world of 10,000 plus hedge funds is a diverse place, where many approaches are surprisingly simple, and you may already be following the same… READ MORE ›

Investing in Bonds Will Be Nothing Like the Past 20 Years, Says BlackRock Fixed-Income CIO Rick Rieder

At the recent CFA Institute Fixed-Income Management Conference, BlackRock Chief Investment Officer Rick Rieder contended that the fixed-income market is undergoing structural changes in the wake of the Great Recession that have not been present for at least 20 years. Among the major elements of this shift: the long-term continuation of artificially low interest rates and a shortening of investment time horizons.

The Canadian Model: Ontario Teachers’ Turns Pension Investing on its Head

Three key insights on successful pension fund investing from Institutional Investor magazine's profile of the C$117 billion Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

Are MLPs a Good Investment for You? (Videos)

Darren Schuringa, CFA, discusses a white paper on investing in master limited partnerships (MLPs) that he recently published with his colleagues at Yorkville Capital Management.

Do Muni Bonds Default More Often than You Think? (Podcast)

Kurt Van Kuller, CFA, discusses the conflicting evidence on the rate of municipal bond defaults.

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