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Future States

Martin Wolf on the Eurozone, the ECB, and General Investment Woes

Gustavo Teruel, CFA, recently spoke with Martin Wolf of the Financial Times about his latest book, recent developments in the eurozone, and the global investing outlook more generally.

Serving Millennials: Are Traditional Advisers Doomed?

Beth Hamilton-Keen, CFA; Patrick O'Shaughnessy, CFA; and Jason Zweig discuss effective ways for financial advisers to serve millennial clients.

A View to the Future: Changes in the Investment Industry

By 2030, investment management will be transformed by megatrends that are already reshaping the industry, according to a new study.

Finance Shouldn’t Think Small

It's time to think ambitiously about the services that investment professionals can provide in the future.

Book Review: Virtual Banking

At the intersection of banking, financial services, and technology, Virtual Banking offers an excellent view of the changes taking place in banking and financial services thanks to changes in consumer behavior and advances in Internet and mobile banking. If banks do not adapt, they run the risk of becoming irrelevant to their customers.

The Reasons We Honor Irving Kahn, CFA

One of the youngest contributors to Enterprising Investor looks back on the career of the world's oldest professional investor.

Is Finance a Noble Profession? A Summary of the Online Forum

What finance can do to improve the profession's nobility.

Focus for Investment Victory

Few investors with a public record can stay intensely focused on all three parts of the investment game: recency, avoiding mistakes, and anticipation. However, keen observation of the everyday can help.

14 Charts Worth Your Time

Charts are fascinating. And I don't just mean the 14 charts below. In one of the more interesting lectures I've ever heard, Bret Victor makes a number of really thought-provoking points that I hope you'll chew over as you skim these images.

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