Practical analysis for investment professionals

Future States

Private Markets’ Governance: A New Era

Now that the SEC Private Fund Adviser rules have been struck down, it's incumbent on the industry to demonstrate how private ordering can work.

Book Review: A Wealth of Well-Being

Finance practitioners can benefit from Meir Statman's challenge to make finance an “afterthought” and spend more time thinking about life well-being.

Monetary Policy and Financial Conditions: Meaningful Relationship?

An analysis of the Fed's recent rounds of quantitative tightening (QT) and quantitative easing (QE) yields actionable insights about the relationship between monetary policy and financial conditions.

Rethinking Retirement Planning Amidst Aging Demographic Frontiers

Forward-thinking approaches to policy and wealth management are needed to ensure a better financial future across generations and income brackets.

Book Review: The New World Economy in 5 Trends

A diligent economist and an eclectic bookworm serve up an analysis of megatrends that will have the greatest impact on economies and investments: innovation, productivity, climate, multiglobalization, debt, and aging.

Building LLMs in the Open-Source Community: A Call to Action for Investment Professionals

Large language models like ChatGPT are changing the way we think about investing and reshaping roles in the investment profession.

The Power of Clicks, Likes, and Shares: Promote the Right Kind of Financial Content

Not all financial content creators on social media are created equal. A broad differentiation can be made between influencers, knowledge sharers, and aspiring thought leaders.

The Evolving International Cannabis Landscape

If you are entering the world of cannabis investment, look beyond the U.S. for growth and opportunities.

Climate Transition Risk in European Equity Markets

How can investors assess climate transition risk in their portfolios?

Can the Fed Pull Off a Soft Landing?

The yield curve is inverted, implying an imminent recession, but the stock market is at or near record highs. What can we make of these contradictory signals?

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