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Future States

Two Questions I Am Asking to Survive This Market

With markets exhibiting notable volatility, I would urge all enterprising investors to focus on two important questions that may lead to greater understanding.

An Insider’s View of the Scottish Secession Vote (Podcast)

The Scottish succession vote seems to be emotionally driven, not fact driven.

The Scottish Secession Vote Is More Important Than You Think

With the Scottish independence vote most finance commentators are focused on the economic considerations. Yet, this vote is far more important than you may think because of its social ramifications.

The Robot Revolution: Innovation Begets Innovation

In the United States alone, companies bought about 22,500 robots in 2013. Clearly, technology is permeating our lives. But will it put us all out of work?

Is AI the New RIA?

Due to the proliferation of new computer-assisted advisory platforms, it's natural to ask what investment advisers of the future will look like and whether they'll be humans or robots.

What Have We Become? The Wolf of Wall Street vs. It’s a Wonderful Life

John Bowman, CFA, argues that the public's' outrage of The Wolf of Wall Street wasn't because of the glorified “bad guy”, Jordan Belfort, but rather, the fact that the movie was a microcosm of lingering frustration based on the fundamental flaws that still exist in the finance industry.

Do Investors Recognise the Conflicts and Incentives in IPOs?

The process for initial public offerings (IPOs) is one of the most opaque areas of the market and is ripe for reform.

Peak Ahead, But Not Just Yet

A. Michael Lippard shares anticipated problems with the markets.

The Secret Revolution in Finance

Who would you rather be? The gold digger or the guy selling tools, Levi's, and food?

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