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Book Review: The End of Banking

In addition to carefully explaining how the financial sector maneuvered itself into the financial crisis of 2007–08, The End of Banking presents several unconventional ideas to do away with regulatory capital arbitrage that sticks taxpayers with the bill for bankers’ risk taking. It also promises a fairly straightforward policy framework that proposes to reduce shadow banking, decentralize financial services from too-big-to-fail banks, improve regulation, and realign the private and the public sector with transparent monetary policy.

Six Ways Millennials Are Using Money That You’re Not

Every generation has unique attitudes, values, and quirks that distinguish it from its parent generation. Two of the most distinguishing features of millennials are increasingly high levels of education and technological prowess. These new attitudes are remarkably reflected in how millennials use money.

What Is the Relevant Time Period for Your Investment Portfolio?

In our job as professional investors for others as well as personal stewards for ourselves and our families, we try to do something today that will have a future beneficial result. This is easier said than done. To accomplish our goals we need to answer two basic questions: What Are We Doing? Which Future?

Climate Bonds: More Than Hot Air

The debate over climate change continues, but governments, institutional investors, and other market actors are already changing how they allocate capital.

Bad Connection: What Today’s Investors Can Learn from the Death of the Pay Phone

Investors need to peel their eyes away from a stock’s numbers long enough to ask a very basic question: “Will this company or industry still exist in five years?” It happened in the case of pay phone operators, paging companies, and video rental chains — and it’s almost certainly happening right now in a number of companies and sectors.

Book Review: Global Trends 2030

This book is the US intelligence community’s best assessment of critical drivers and political scenarios worldwide over the next 15 years. The overview is broken into megatrends, game changers, and potential alternative scenarios. It delineates those regions and issues that may hold both the greatest opportunities and the greatest risks in the future.

Free Investing Is the New Free Checking

Investment services are increasingly available for free, but what does that really mean?

Skills That Separate You as an Investment Manager: Scaling

An overlooked skill that separates you from other analysts is the ability to use a multitude of scales to lead to deeper understanding of an investment.

Upside Volatility Is Rising, along with Fixed-Income Leverage

Investors who are primarily concerned about avoiding permanent losses would do well to analyze mounting fixed income leverage and remember the true meaning of risk.

Robo-Advisers: Opportunity or Threat? (Online Forum)

To offer guidance and insight about current changes in the investment advisory industry, the Future of Finance initiative at CFA Institute has assembled a panel of experts to discuss the implications and potential effects of robo-advisers on the marketplace.

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