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Take 15 Series: Global Geopolitics: Identifying Sources of Risk and Understanding Market-Moving Turmoil (Video)

Willis Sparks discussed whether we are likely to see more market-moving turmoil in the US, Europe, and the Arab world over the next decade and why geopolitics is increasingly becoming a factor in investment decisions.

International Investments: Is There a Discrepancy between the Economic Growth Rate and Equity Returns?

Conventional wisdom holds that if a global stock investor is able to identify which countries’ economies will grow briskly and which will lag, he has conquered half of the investment battle. Economic growth should translate into higher corporate earnings… READ MORE ›

Take 15: Eurozone Crisis: Is the End in Sight? (Video)

Wolfgang Münchau discusses the current state of the Eurozone crisis and potential resolutions. He explains potential implications of a breakup and the costs and benefits to various countries across the region.

Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Both Moving in the Wrong Direction?

Operation twist is scheduled to end, and the Fed seems intent on replacing it with a program of buying longer-term U.S. Treasuries. Now more than ever, there seems to be a dramatic divergence between the paths of monetary and fiscal policies.

Global Trade Imbalances Matter

A continuation of the sovereign debt crises of countries with large and rising trade deficits is not necessarily a fait accompli, but mitigation of the impact of these trade imbalances requires more than aggressive monetary policy alone.

The US Presidential Election: Will it Impact Your Investment Portfolio? (Podcast)

The election and its potential impact on the economy has been on the minds of investors lately. This podcast provides comments on the election and its potential impact on the economy.

Will Political Turmoil in the Middle East Destabilize Global Oil Markets?

There are several short-term threats to stability in the Middle East, as well as a number of longer-term risks that could prove destabilizing to global oil markets.

After the Unrest: Five Key Trends Reshaping the Geopolitics of the Middle East

Protests in the Middle East have spilled into another week. But as Harvard University international affairs professor Meghan O'Sullivan reminded attendees in an opening keynote address at the CLSA Investor Forum in Hong Kong — just a day after four US embassy personnel, including the ambassador, were killed — the unrest should not distract from more fundamental geopolitical tensions in the region that hold important long-term implications for investors.

The QE Aftermath: What it Means and How It’s (Not) Different

The advent of a new round of quantitative easing has significant impact for investors, but it’s important to understand what’s actually happening.

Take 15: Risks and Opportunities in the MENA Economies (Video)

George Abed, senior counsellor and director for Africa and Middle East at the Institute of International Finance, discusses the economic and political transition taking place among the Arab countries around the Mediterranean and implications for the wider region.

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