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Book Review: Invest with the Fed

Invest with the Fed

This book provides overwhelming evidence that heeding the Fed’s signals can enhance portfolio performance. The authors provide backtested proof of success in investing in equities side by side with the Fed. Their insightful, analytical discussions will inspire readers to begin implementing the recommended strategies, which can make a huge, positive difference in portfolio performance over long periods, across economic cycles, and under a variety of monetary conditions. Read more

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100 Small Steps: Will India’s Bank Licenses Bring Reform?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been steadily reforming India’s financial sector, in addition to achieving notable monetary policy successes. A few weeks back, the RBI granted licenses to 11 payments banks and followed that with licenses to 10 small finance banks. The new licensing will enable mobile payments and a significantly expanded depositor base that will reshape India’s financial sector. Read more

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