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The Behavioral Continuum: What’s the Best Behavioral Bias?

Much of the content on behavioral finance carries with it an unnecessary negative spin. Behavioral biases are cast as illogical and counterproductive, potentially even disastrous. And they can be. But behavioral patterns are also useful anchors for successful investment decision making. So we asked readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief which behavioral bias was the most useful. Read more

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The C-Suite Speaks: Stable, But Uninspiring

Expectations are low, and growth will be hard to achieve because comparisons will be difficult for the next few quarters, according to recent earnings calls. Although optimism has rebounded with the markets, CEOs are still cautious, while March was a weak month for industrial markets. Capital markets have opened up for strong issues, but confidence is fragile. Read more

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How Financial Advisers Can Appeal to NextGens

How Financial Advisers Can Appeal to NextGens

Financial advisers who fail to understand and act on the behaviors and demands of young high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) may be unprepared for the long-term shifts in client attitudes that are on the horizon. To help financial advisers plan for this shift, Enterprising Investor interviewed David Wilson, of Capgemini Financial Services and founder of, for his personal views on how advisers can appeal to NextGens. Read more

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Book Review: Misbehaving


Richard H. Thaler takes readers on an entertaining journey through the evolution of behavioral economics. His gift for writing has produced a book that is a blend of his life as a research professor, stories of other economists he met along the way, and a history of behavioral economics. This book is an excellent read on the shortcomings of classical economic and finance theory. Read more