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Ben Bernanke

Ben Bernanke: An Insider’s Take on the Economy

It was just shy of two weeks since President Donald Trump’s inauguration when former US Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke took to the podium at the CFA Society Boston’s 31st Annual Market Dinner. His presentation covered a broad range of topics, from the current state of macroeconomics, regulation, and policy, to financial stability and the geopolitical climate at large. John Bowman, CFA, shares a few key takeaways from his speech and the subsequent question-and-answer session.

How Will the FOMC Meeting Affect Fixed-Income Markets?

A number of factors, including Fed Chair Ben Bernanke’s comments about a September taper, currency volatility creating turmoil in emerging markets, and conflicting analyses of jobless claims in the United States have placed an unusual emphasis on this week’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. The committee’s decisions will have a far-reaching impact on fixed-income markets around the world. Here’s a curated list of articles to help you understand the issues facing those markets, and how they may respond.

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