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Argentina’s Stock Market Is All About US Dollars

An explanation of the different monetary and exchange policies in Argentina over the last 20 years, the measures implemented in the currency market since 2011, and the impact of these measures in the local stock market.

Volatility in Emerging Markets: Resources on Currency and Capital Flows

Emerging markets are vulnerable to aggressive inflows and outflows of capital — and that vulnerability has been on display over the past few weeks, especially in India, where the rupee has lost 15% of its value since March. These highlights from recent CFA Institute conferences help shed light on the current turmoil.

How Can Central and Eastern Europe Attract Investment from China?

How best can Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) attract more investments from China? This was the theme of a panel discussion at the inaugural Central and Eastern European Investment Conference that took place in Bucharest, Romania.

Can Emerging Markets Stabilize Capital Flows?

Since the early 2000s, policymakers in emerging markets have been concerned about “waves” of international capital flows into their countries. As Kristin Forbes, a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, pointed out at the Investing in Emerging Markets 2012 conference, “Volatility of capital flows is here to stay, and there are no magic bullets.”

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