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Santiago Padua, CFA, serves as COO at Draper Cygnus, a venture capital fund based in Buenos Aires. Before joining Draper Cygnus, he worked as an investment analyst at Grupo Pegasus, a private equity and real estate investment fund; as a senior consultant at Ernst & Young; and as a senior research analyst at Crisil Global Research and Analytics, formerly Crisil Irevna Argentina S.A., all based in Buenos Aires. Padua earned his CFA charter in 2012 and finished his undergraduate studies at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina.

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Argentina’s Stock Market Is All About US Dollars

An explanation of the different monetary and exchange policies in Argentina over the last 20 years, the measures implemented in the currency market since 2011, and the impact of these measures in the local stock market.

Will Argentina Default? It Hangs On a Judge in New York City

To understand why a judge in New York has to force Argentina to pay its sovereign obligations, we need to go back to 2002, when Argentina defaulted on its debt.

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