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Career Development

Five Battle-Tested Strategies for Success

Carla Harris explains how you can survive and thrive at work — without stifling your authentic self.

Women in Investment Management Wrap-Up: Risk-Taking, Networks, and Success

Read the most important take-aways and browse the social media highlights from our inaugural Women in Investment Management Conference.

Women’s Work: Getting Ahead Despite Glass Ceilings, Glass Cliffs, and Leaky Pipelines

Women make up more than half of the professional and technical workforce in the United States, and yet the gender gap in business and investment management persists. What's important is to raise awareness around the issue of gender bias and work and to encourage organizations to foster professional development among women. The way forward and towards change is having the conversation in the first place.

Skills That Separate You as an Investment Manager: Decisiveness

Over the course of my investment career, none of the unconventional tools that I used to improve my results were more powerful than this one.

Poll: What Would Increase Your Job Satisfaction the Most?

Do you have days when you feel a bit dissatisfied with your job? Days when you can't help wondering whether all the toil and stress is really worth it? But do you know what would increase your job satisfaction the most? Is it simply more money or something else?

A Little Industry Experience May Make You a Better Analyst

Is an analyst with prior industry experience more likely to be on target with his earnings forecasts and stand a better chance of being named to Institutional Investor magazine’s All-America Research Team? In a word, yes. At least that was the conclusion of a recently published study which examined the biographical data and earnings estimates of 2,590 analysts over a period of nearly three decades.

Seven Abilities Needed for Effectively Managing People

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes great managers from their peers? Apparently it comes down to mastering seven key competencies.

Recommended Books for Your Career Development in 2014

The beginning of a calendar year is a great time to give your career management efforts a bit of extra attention. That’s even truer for those whose performance reviews happen on a calendar year cycle.

Poll: How Long Did It Take for You to Get Your First Finance Job?

"How long will it take me to find my first job?" This question tends to weigh heavy on the hearts and minds of young finance professionals (and their families and friends) as they search for their first full-time job. Polishing your CV, digging up job ads, identifying recruiters and contacts, and waiting to be called for an interview are all a test of nerves. But how long does a job search really take? When we asked the readers of the CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief, we learned that the job search time frame varies a lot.

Six Networking Lessons to Remember

Pulling from his personal experience, Charlie Henneman, CFA, shares six important networking lessons to keep in mind for your career advancement.

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